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 Grow Up Free from Poverty Coalition

Vision: To end the outrage of child poverty


In pursuit of its original 2001 vision “To end the outrage of child poverty”, and in response to worldwide consultation with 4000 children and their carers in 19 countries in 2005 the Grow Up Free From Poverty Coalition embarked on a campaign to draw attention to the contribution social protection measures, specifically cash transfers, can make to ending child poverty.


The consultation convinced us that:


Children living in extreme poverty should be targeted with direct measures, in addition to sectoral expenditure (health and education), and indirect measures aimed at poverty reduction.


The coalition believes that in order to eradicate the suffering caused by extreme poverty, governments everywhere must take the first steps towards achieving a universal social minimum by prioritizing child benefits, social pensions and disability benefits.

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The Social Minimum:

 An Affordable

Priority – NOW!




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We believe that a minimum package of cash transfers will not only dramatically impact on poverty eradication, but also have a multiplier effect by enabling the most vulnerable people in the world to get more out of other services (education, health, safe water and sanitation) as they increasingly become available. Such a package is therefore an essential precondition for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).